I am so glad to finally introduce!

by BubbiByte / June 3, 2021


I am so glad to finally introduce the launch of

To make sure everyone knows I am Admin/Co-Founder at

So with that said, lets get started. aims at being the place where the cardano community comes together. We hope it will be the place where the cardano community comes to meet, discuss, learn, stake and have fun. We aim at being a very friendly and nice place for the cardano community. It will be a place for the cardano community made by the cardano community. With it we have launched three websites and a stake pool with ticker CHUB.

Our websites are as follow:

  • – The front website.
  • – The stake website with all the information you need to stake with CHUB to earn rewards and help support the universe.
  • – The forum this is the place where you can interact with the cardano community, join discussions, meet new people, learn something new and have fun!

I hope it is something you will find cool and will enjoy.

Thanks for reading.


Make sure to go read my introduction post on the forum right here: