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OfflinePassGen – An offline password generator that easily lets you create secure passwords!

by BubbiByte / June 16, 2020

Hey to the few reading this! This is the site for OfflinePassGen my Offline Password Generator.
I am very proud to say that i have released OfflinePassGen it is a program that easily lets you create secure passwords offline on your computer.

Down below you can see a preview of the program!

I really hope some of you will try it and hopefully enjoy it! It is much better to have your computer generate a random password then to use some other service. The program is lightweight and easy and quick to use.

Currently the program is in version 1.0.0 and I do not think it will get higher than that unless someone want to keep on making some more features.
Oh and if you find a bug just fork the project and make a pull-request all help is very appreciated.  If you want to add something just fork the project and make a pull-request and I will take a look at it.

The Offline Password Generator would not have been possible if it weren’t for these people.
So a special thanks to:

  • Traversy Media for creating the “JavaScript Password Generator” youtube video for inspiring the project!
  • FlorinPop for creating the codepen “Password Generator – #013 of #100Days100Projects” and inspiring Traversy Media to create the youtube video.
  • awaterplease for posting a comment on the youtube video with the code to get a complete random password in the for loop.

So that’s it!
I will leave you here with some links!

Link to download:

Link to source code:

Thanks for reading!