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The launch of BubbiByte Password Generator in an online version!

by BubbiByte / May 6, 2024

Hello, Some time ago I made an OfflinePassGen – An offline password generator that easily lets you create secure passwords! While that was all hand and dandy, it had a problem, which was that it was not online and easily accessible. Therefore I decided to […]

Custodial wallet vs Non Custodial wallet

What is a Custodial wallet vs Non Custodial wallet?

by BubbiByte / April 15, 2024

Hello crypto bros! Even if you’re not a crypto bro, then understanding the difference between a custodial wallet and a non-custodial wallet is key. That is why I created a short video explaining it (some time ago now). Sounds good? Go ahead and watch it! […]

Create a Solidity Smart Contract Token in Less than 10 Seconds Using AI

by BubbiByte / December 4, 2022

Hello people! I have made a short video, where I create a smart contract token by using the new chat AI, called chatGPT created by OpenAI. This really shows, how far AI has gotten! If it sounds interesting, then feel free to give it a […]


by BubbiByte / May 20, 2022

Hi there, I just dropped a video on YouTube talking about my 1 year anniversary as a stake pool operator! I talk a little bit about why you need to choose a small/single stake pool and why partial delegation is needed in daedalus. Check it […]

90 days of stake pool operator


by BubbiByte / August 1, 2021

I just dropped my first real video on YouTube talking about my first 90 days of being a stake pool operator! My thoughts on my first 90 days as being a cardano stake pool operator. I talk about how we started, how it is going […]


I am so glad to finally introduce!

by BubbiByte / June 3, 2021

Hi, I am so glad to finally introduce the launch of To make sure everyone knows I am Admin/Co-Founder at So with that said, lets get started. aims at being the place where the cardano community comes together. We hope it will […]

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OfflinePassGen – An offline password generator that easily lets you create secure passwords!

by BubbiByte / June 16, 2020

Hey to the few reading this! This is the site for OfflinePassGen my Offline Password Generator. I am very proud to say that i have released OfflinePassGen it is a program that easily lets you create secure passwords offline on your computer. Down below you […]

By BubbiByte / June 14, 2020 1:56 pm

I have updated the site and will start doing more posting here!

The community Minecraft server!

by BubbiByte / June 24, 2019

So as some of you may know the community Minecraft server is now a reality! It’s very simple to join go on my discord link right here: And just follow the instructions! I hope to see as many of you as possible! That’s it! See […]

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New video up! Make a modern website!

by BubbiByte / December 23, 2018

Hello people! So i’m happy to announce that i have just released a new video! In the video i show you how to create a modern website using: HTML SCSS JQUERY If you have any questions please leave them in the comments of the video! […]